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Surface Pro 3 Keyboard Cover Not Working


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Hey guys,

I have a Surface Pro 3 and until recently the keyboard cover stopped working. Everything such as backlight, mousepad, keyboard etc is not functioning on my device. I brought my SP3 to a retailer to test out on similar products. I found out that my keyboard works perfectly fine on other Surfaces while other cover doesn't work on me.

So to my thought, it might be software issue. I've try many forums' solution, Microsoft step-by-step guide, in alcohol cleansing the contacts between my cover and SP3, went into safe mode (with the power+volume up button), uninstall the device driver and let it auto reinstall upon rebooting etc etc.

And since nothing worked, i backed up everything and decided to reset my SP3. And to my surprise, even after reformatting, with software and drivers cleaned and reinstalled. my cover still doesn't work on my SP3.

Is there anyone who has past experiences like this or any ideas on how should i solve this issue of mine? Would be really grateful!

Thank you



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hi all,

i have reinstall windows 10 and now my keyboard cover and pen dosent work.

any solution ?
anyone who can tell me how to install drivers manually ??