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Surface cover keyboard not working

Harry Peterson

New Member
Hi... For some reason my Surface 4's cover keyboard/touch pad mouse has suddenly stopped working.

It works OK when I access the UFEI so my thinking is that it's a software issue. I have:
  • deleted and then re-installed all the keyboard drivers,
  • Disabled and then re-enabled keyboard functionality in UFEI,
  • checked all drivers are up to date,
  • Force shut down'd the Surface Pro and then restarted it
  • I have even tried disconnecting the surface cover keyboard overnight and reinstalling it the next morning
The only thing left seems to be a full reinstall of Win10.... But before I do that I was winding if anyone else has had a similar problem and knows of a fix.

Thanks in advance.


Staff member
Hello, @Harry Peterson . Thanks for joining up, but sorry you are having trouble.

A few things to try:

- Try connecting the keyboard backwards and rebooting. Then put back and reboot again.

- Try cleaning the connectors and port with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol (dab, don't drag or brush).

- Update to Windows 10 Version 1903 if you haven't already.

- Perform a Reset ("Keep my files" option) in Settings, Update and Security, Recovery, Reset my PC

Let us know ...


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I agree. Expecially if the keyboard/mouse still works in BIOS. If it isn't the connectors needing cleaning, go with the updates. Sometimes there are firmware updates as well and maybe there is something for the keyboard connector hardware. Reset is also VERY good if it's a software issue.