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Surface Pro 3, Falling Apart after 6 months of mild use


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Is there a way to contact the Surface repair team at MSFT before I send it in? I dont' want to send it in and have them say replacing the magnetic strip on the kickstand is not under the warranty and then I'm out the $40 or so dollars it cost to send it in.

Sorry to hear of all your issues, the kickstand definitely doesn't look right.

To contact the Surface team I found the easiest way is over Twitter... if they can't help you themselves, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

dan knott

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I am experiencing the same issue with the magnetic strip, mine is falling off right now. The adhesive is barely holding on. What was your experience with sending in your device? Do you remember (approx) how many days it took to receive a repaired/new device after sending it in?


Mine has been my daily drivers since November, work and home.
The only issue mine has is the kickstand will SLOWLY open on it's own from the weight of the device if left alone for a while.
Otherwise, mine has been solid. I know, I know...you didn't start this thread to hear about other's good fortune.

I agree with others. One year warranty, you've been patient and understanding, request a new one.