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Surface Pro 3 MicroSD Card


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try this.
open desktop (old windows) file explorer, find libraries, select pictures, right click - select properties, click add and select SD card.
think that should do it.

Thanks for that it worked great really appreciate your help

Sid Gup12

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Question, I have a 128gb micro sd card which I loaded my photo library of 25,000 images on in preparation to go into my pro 3 when I collect it today, when I put it into my surface rt it locates it but what I want to do is open it from the photos tile and not from the old windows screen if that makes sense, when I open the tile and select location it only gives me one drive and pictures library, is there a way to select the sd card in that area as well


Right click your SD Card (or a sub folder of pictures), Add to Library > Pictures. To remove it, click Pictures in exlorer, then select "Manage library" under "File".

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