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HELP my Sandisk microSD card keeps on unmounting



The SD card was brand new....I purchased it specially for my new SP3 as a means store my photos and music files. It slots into the microSD card slot smoothly.


In that case I would return it to the store and get yourself a new one. Try if different brand or model.


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SanDisk did have a bunch of bad cards at one point. It's hard to say if what you got wasn't part of that old inventory. Best bet is to just try another card.


I had file corruption problems with my first 128 GB sandisk class 10 microsd card, put it in my adapter and into a windows 7 netbook, have had no problems on the netbook.
My second sandisk 128gb class 10 I bought at best buy instead of on ebay, so far it has worked flawlessly in my SP1. Could be just a fluke with the particular device interface.


I too, have had similar findings... My SanDisk microSD card wouldn't work well in the SP3, but worked just fine in every other device that I have. Very strange.

That's why it's difficult to point fingers at who to blame...


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I had the same issue. The card was bad. It tried the tape trick, in the old card but it still kept unmountung. I just replaced and the new card works fine.


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Unofficially, by casual observation, it seems there have been quite a few posts of this issue mostly or all related to SanDisk 128 SD cards. need a tally from the search aggregator assimilator ... Where's Penelope Garcia when you need her. :)