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Surface Pro 3 Paint Chips


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Hi All,

Does the SP3 suffer paint chips like the SP2 did (especially around the power port)? How durable is the paint finish, and what have been peoples experiences thus far?


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I have had my SP3 since launch day in North America and it is in as pristine condition as the day I bought it. I use the device everyday for long hours and I travel internationally with it quite frequently. When at home, I travel everywhere with it. All this to say that I don't exactly molly coddle the SP3 but the again, I am a gentle user and don't really throw it around and it always travels with me in a Incipio sleeve that came with the device when I bought it.


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I believe the SP3 is sliver, because that metal it's made from is -- it's not coated with that color.


Technically it's not paint but a few microns thin sprayed on coating on the metal surface to cover it and give it a nice finish. It will scratch easily and mine has lots of scratches on it but i really don't care as it's not affecting the device functionality.

/ Magnus