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Charger Port Paint Chips


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Hi there,

Has anyone experienced any paint chipping from their charger ports on their SP3? I know this was a big issue with the SP2.


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Cant say that I ever heard anyone mention that with regard to the SP3. Even under magnification I can't see any chips or scratches on mine.


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Likewise I have not seen scratches or cracks around the charging port or USB port. I constantly connect and disconnect and its been scratch free after 6+ months of use.


Still good and I'm really good a using feel to put in USB stick with my fingers so i was also thinking that I would be scuffing up around the entry point (like a car door lock) but so far nothing.

I have added Ghost Armor to my SP3 and surprisingly the full body includes the sides within a mm of the slot. I only just got this over xmas however.