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Surface Pro 3 potential QC issues..


Think there is some QC issue on the manufacturing front for Surface Pro 3. Went to the MS store to replace unit with color banding.

All below checked within the store.

First unit won't charge. 2nd unit: bezel clearly separated at the front top mainly to the right of the camera. internal cable visible. 3rd unit same thing but not as bad as the 2nd unit but I can see it getting bigger once the unit gets hot and the adhesive start melting. Returned for a refund.

Went to BB and bought one.This one looks much better. Still screen area near the camera is not fully flush compared to rest of the unit. And it has color banding also

Keeping it for now. Nothing like SP3 in the market if I were to go for an alternative. This aspect ratio is a big deal.

Looked at the demo units. Some has clear bezel separation, some don't. Looks like the recent ones are the bad ones. Also on the hinge front: the gap where the hinge connects to the body some are even on both sides, some has one side much wider than the other side.

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Hmm. I just checked mine. The display, on the camera edge and on the volume side, is perfectly flush with the chassis. Same with the USB side, although it does bow outward in the middle, near the camera.

Doesn't bother me all. I would never have noticed until it was brought up, and my HTC One does the exact same thing- some part of the display is perfectly flush with the metal chassis, while a different part is definitely not. I don't really think it's an issue.


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I can see it getting bigger once the unit gets hot and the adhesive start melting. Returned for a refund.

Where I come from people say: Nobody dies the day before.

Stop being worry about things that have not happened yet.


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I'm pretty OCD about my stuff and I'm not proud to say I went through 3 iPad Mini Retina's before I finally kept one (sorry, but Apple's customer service is awesome). I don't look for issues but things jump out at me and I can't get them out of my head. Saying this my SP3 is perfect (enough). Right out of the box everything has looked and acted just right. I haven't looked at many demo units but I haven't noticed any glaring QC issues. I did swap out by touch keyboard cover because the seam was all buggered up but that could have been caused in shipping.