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Surface Pro 3 - Windows 10 - Screen Flicker/Flashing - Retail Build



For anyone else experiencing this issue, shut down the SP3, hold the volume rocker UP, and press power to turn the device on while the volume rocker is STILL UP; this will enter the UEFI settings screen - feel free to exit this screen without doing anything.

It will solve the issue. My SP3 is born again - yaaay!


OK, the solution is not perfect - I am having to hard-reset the device at nearly every cold boot. While not ideal, it is still workable.

I reverted to the factory install of Windows 8.1 on my SP3 and it even crashed when initializing on first run, it was only able to complete successfully on the second run.

However despite this some part of Windows 10 remains active on system because it still forces me to hard-reset after every power-off.

I don't understand how an operating system these days can install itself so thoroughly on a system, seemingly like a virus in and of itself that cannot be removed properly.