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Surface pro 4 i7 16GB with 512GB SSD memory frequency


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Does anyone have a Surface pro 4 i7 16GB with 512GB SSD and can see what speed memory frequency is because I gotten 2 different info

A) DDR3L 1600mhz memory speed
B) DDR3L 1866mhz memory speed

The big deal is that Microsoft didn't know what speed the memory speed is in Surface pro 4 i7 16GB with 512GB SSD!

So please anyone having this model can see what memory frequency the memory has

Thanks for the help


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AFAIK the only Surface with 1866 memory so far is the Surface Laptop although I assume the new Pro does also. I believe all previous models used 1600.


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Well it would be nice if someone that have a device could confirmed!

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Here's a screenshot of CPU-ID from a SP4 with i7, 16Gb memory & 512Gb SSD: