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Upgrading from Asus Zenbook to Surface Pro4?


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Hey guys...

I wanted to check in as a potential adopter of the Surface Pro 4. My primary concern is the speed and my purpose of the upgrade.

Currently, I'm using the Asus Zenbook UX32v. I upgraded the ram on the system and changed the HDD to a SSD. The computer is almost 3 yrs old. As of recent, I've been pretty addicted to photography and have a DSLR which I shoot raw photos with. Due to this, I've installed Lightroom and Photoshop on this Asus notebook. As far as performance, the notebook seems to lag on Lightroom when importing and editing photos. Sometimes it might even give me an error stating that memory isn't enough.

Would getting a Surface Pro 4 w/ i7 and 16gb + 256GB/512GB SSD be enough for Lightroom and Photoshop? I was considering the Surface Book (top model), but rather get something smaller and lighter. Also, I don't edit videos, so I'm guessing there's no need for a high end GPU.

Some thoughts? Thanks


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You will be fine. I have a surface pro 3 i7 and owned previous sp3 i5 and sp2 i5. It handled all my productivity apps such as PhotoShop, Sketchbook pro and even my djing and music production software (ablation, tractor pro.) with no problems.