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Surface Pro 4 - Overheating/Fan comes on with only One Browser Tab Open


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Ive had a Surface Pro 4 for a couple months. Until recently it was fine. It now starts overheating and the fan comes on after a couple of mins even when Im only surfing the web with one browser tab open.

Is my Surface Pro 4 now a dud .. or is it related to a recent windows update?
And how do I fix this issue. Thanks.


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When one tab in chrome open I get in task manager:
Service Host: Local System (17) - 27% CPU, 29.6MB
Everything else is less 1% CPU


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I've a feeling I might know the culprit on this one (perhaps). Open up settings and go to update and see if there is a windows defender update that just continually attempts to download without any success, just gets stuck in a loop.both my SP3 and SP4 have recently experienced the same thing and resulted in about 30% service host cpu usage and fan running. I just left them to do their thing and they eventually sorted themselves out.