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Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!


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This is an OS feature but needed for Tablet Experience i.e SURFACE XP.
Secure Mode: Only run curated apps, whitelisted, approved, verified non spyware or malware. NO Browser Hijacking, add-on junk or crapware allowed. Sandbox in a box (The pseudo Win RT mode of Windows) on Full Sized Tablets. If it destabilizes the system in any way, causes crashes etc. approval revoked dynamically and automatically. If the user has such an app that was previously approved but has been revoked they can only run it if they OK it at runtime, each time for 90 days allowing the owner time to fix it.


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For me the big ones would be
- thinner
-better battery life
-usable cameras

Everything else would be icing on the cake.

I would definitely appreciate a fingerprint sensor, as all of my other devices now have them.


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For me (mainly business user) 2 big priorities: LTE and an optional "power keyboard" that:
1) can hold the tablet without the kickstand (otherwise it's a nightmare to use on a plane)
2) has a second battery for extended life (equal or superior to MB Air)
3) has spaced keys

Additional bonus I would love (but I don't expect):
- 2 USB ports
- Vertical kickstand (in addition to the horizontal one), great for reading books and documents on such a big device
- SDXC slot
-16 GB RAM
- buttons on the touchpad
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I would like a better battery life (ideal would be 10-12 hours under); an additional USB3 port; relocation (or elimination) of the Windows capacitive button (probably relocation); Pen support to be more widespread across core apps (like mail, calendar, contacts, Office suite etc.); better QC at all levels; change the material with which the Type Cover is made - the current one is prone to accumulate dirt and frays easily); better FFC (similar or better than what was introduced with the Surface 2); slightly lighter (though if the current weight can be maintained with better battery, then I am fine with it); option to get a dark coloured version (like the original RT and the first two SPs).

Most important of all - either maintain the price or effect a slightly lower price level. Oh...and get rid of the i3/ 64GB version. Make the i5/ 128GB the lowest option and develop the i5/ 256GB as the mid-road option.
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Pen silo (small pen, like an S-Pen in the silo). Sell regular pen as accessory for those who need it. Somehow need a better way to store the pen on the device itself instead of a loop or magnet. Silo Silo Silo.

Better grip for the pen. Current pen is too smooth and slippery.

Better rear camera.

Smaller bezel

Portrait mode kickstand.


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I hope SP4 doesn't throttle from heavy CPU usage like SP3 did. SP2 didn't throttle probably cause it had 2 fans.


Can't you tether to your mobile connection? That's what I do... saves having another monthly bill!

No, AT&T will not allow it for grandfathered unlimited data plans like I have. Don't want to lose that for the Surface. Give us a 4G so we can final get what Ipads have had for a long time now. Those Ipad people get $10 per month and we can't.

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