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Surface Pro 7 underperforming!


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My daughter has a Surface Pro 7 which isn’t performing as it has done previously e.g. at times with 2 or 3 low demand apps open it freezes! Although she has some power hungry 3D graphics apps installed on her Surface Pro she doesn’t have any other Apps open when she using the 3D graphics software. She’s currently using Windows 10 which is fully up to date as are all the software drivers. Whilst the obvious solution would be to re load all software she doesn’t really want to do this as some of the 3D apps weren't simple to install and setup. What we were thinking of doing was to reinstall Windows 10 by using the Windows 10 download page with the option of ‘Keep personal files and apps’. The 1st question I have is if we progress this option will apps definitely not be deleted? 2nd question: Does anyone have any other solutions we can try to make the Surface Pro perform better? 3rd question: Should we consider installing Windows 11?


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If you choose "Reset this PC (Keep my files)" ...

1) All desktop apps will be deleted. This includes Microsoft Office, Kindle, iTunes, and 3rd party drivers. Data for the apps will remain (Office, Kindle, iTunes library, etc.). When you re-install the apps, the data and settings will in the vast majority of cases, remain. It is likely this will speed up your Surface, especially if you install apps in their order of importance to you. Also, now, and after you reset the PC (if you choose to do so), check out your Startup apps in the Task Manager advanced windows to make sure you only enable software you wish to be running.

2) No other solutions.

3) It is not likely that Windows 11 will speed things up more than 10. But if you are already going through the trouble to Reset, you may want to do a full reset anyway, which is what an upgrade to Windows 11 would do. It is possible that the Windows 11 install will also preserve data for your apps.