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Surface Pro - Airplane Mode, not working?

Jay Slasher

New Member
After the latest round of updates including updating the Marvell adapter and then rolling it back. I've noticed that still the airplane mode function does not work for me.

I toggle the switch to on and all the wifi devices turn off however the toggle reverts back to off. When I try to enable the wifi/bluetooth via the toggle it doesn't do anything (because it believes its off and attempts to disable everything all over again). The only way to enable everything seems to be by manually turning on the wifi and bluetooth adapters.

Let me know if your seeing the same issues or have fixed them. thanks.


Super Moderator
You may have to try a refresh or reset. Not ideal but if rolling back and updating the driver isn't making a difference you make need a deeper cleaning.


Active Member
I just got off a plane a few hours ago. Airplane mode worked perfectly. I have done the firmware update. Not sure if that also updated Marvell drivers.