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Surface Pro and Apple LED Cinema Display


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A few people and I have been trying to use the mini-displayport with the apple LED (note: not thunderbolt) 27" cinema display with no luck in getting it working.

While we originally thought it may have been a driver issue, someone noted that the mini dp cable from the ACD doesn't seem to be connecting all the way in the surface pro.

Has anyone been able to get this working? Is it a driver issue, or is there a mini-dp adapter (or extension) cable that someone can recommend that works?



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The connector is definitely not the problem. There is a tad bit of space between the port and the bevel of the plugin. I'm also having the same problem with a 27inch LED Cinema display. I've googled like a mug to try to find a fix but I got nothing. I would absolutely LOVE for this to work. Anybody have any ideas?



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I shaved the bevel on the plug-in and it didn't matter (and it still works on my iMac)... Wish there was something for this. The intraweb isn't really producing anything for me :/


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I plugged one of those into my Surface Pro. It recognized the second monitor, I could not get anything to display on it in any mode. At some point the Intel graphics driver crashes :/


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I give no guarantees that this will work, however you should be able to solve this problem using an Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter and one of these.


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I am betting a monitor that large requires a powered or "active" display port adapter. Here is example from Amazon - they run about $30 USD:

Amazon.com: Accell B087B-006B UltraAV Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Single-Link Active Adapter ATI Certified (Black): Electronics

If you would like to run your monitor (and everything else) off of your USB 3.0 port (yes it's possible) you can grab one of these. Not cheap at $150 but for what it does, not bad.

Toshiba Dynadock Docking Station
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The adapter which you have linked would not enable one to connect their Surface Pro to an Apple display. That is an active Mini DisplayPort to DVI converter, but Apple displays have Mini DisplayPort inputs, not DVI inputs.

What my suggestion entails is taking the Mini DisplayPort output of the Surface Pro, passively converting it to DVI and then using the active adapter which I linked to convert that back to Mini DisplayPort. The active adapter is specifically designed to be compatible with Apple displays, so in theory, there should be no problems.
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Doesn't work on the thunderbolt model for me either on the SP3. Really bummed. Works on my MBP and ASUS laptop with thunderbolt. But I don't think the older MBP's with mini-display port work on the thunderbolt display either.

It must look for something in the connect, like a certain power output or even the pci-e lane.
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