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issues with mini display port to hdmi cable.


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brought a mini displayport - hdmi cable off amazon and its been working with my surface pro until today. Cable connection seems a little loose in the display port and its states unsupported format. Don't know if its the cable or device. If you brought the Microsoft cable off the website have you had any issues with the cable not fitting snugly in the port? just curious.


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I have the one sold at the Microsoft store, I think it's a Belkin.

No problems. Had it hooked up to an HD set in a hotel, worked fine.

Good luck with this!


I bought a HDE Mini DisplayPort to VGA Female Adapter for Mac
by Generic from Amazon.com for $9 plus $3.99 S&H and it has worked flawlessly ever since the day I got my SP on its first day of release. By the way, I just bought an LG external BD player and writer and it plays BD disks to my 27" monitor, also flawlessly. My ASUS laptop with an i7 and an Nvidia 460M won't play the BD disks at all. The device says it is missing some component or driver on the Win 8 ASUS. I don't care. I simply use the SP for everything.