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Surface Pro Available on Feb 9th.


At the bottom of the article they also announces the availability of a 64gb RT without touch cover!


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JN --

There may be another choice. When Surface RT availability was announced, I pre-ordered one thru the Microsoft store (shipping was free). It was delivered to my door, early on the morning it became available in the stores. So, I had my RT in hand before I could even have gotten to the store.

I plan to do the same for the Pro.

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Russ if we pre order the the 9th is Saturday, will Fedex or UPS deliver it Saturday.?

I have a Best Buy within 2 miles of my home, and a MS store 19 miles away. I suspect the MS store will be crowded.

I would rather preorder if it will arrive on Friday or Saturday


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if we pre order the the 9th is Saturday, will Fedex or UPS deliver it Saturday.?
StarLog --

I know that FedEx delivers on Saturday. UPS varies by region. The only thing that I know, for sure, is my Surface RT experience. It was at my door before I was even awake enough to think about going to a store. I will take my chances that MS will repeat that performance. It's easier for me to make that choice, because I'm fifty miles from the nearest MS store and twenty miles from the nearest Best Buy (which I don't like that much, anyway).

I do recall that part of the Surface RT pre-order info was its delivery promise. Look for that with the Pro.



Waiting for month for the Surface Pro and now it will not be released in Germany yet. That's very annoying...

I wonder why MS is doing that???


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It is just the way the world works. There are regional releases and some regions get things before others. Some regions never get the things that are available in another region. If you must have as soon as possible you can import which is a pain and has draw backs. If you can hang in there I'm sure it won't be too much longer. What's another couple of weeks at this point ;) Hopefully it will be well worth the wait.
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