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Curious wifi connection issues...


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I don't have a Marvell chip I ever liked fwiw. Ms failed royally by not sticking with Intel on a premium product like the surface pro. I would expect a class action lawsuit due to the WiFi issues and lack of a fix (in all seriousness).


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Amped Wireless High Power Wi-Fi Adapter for Windows 8 (TAN1) . . . well it does work as advertised. 5bars always. I walked to my neighbors house and still 5bars.

Tony --

Thanks. I followed your lead and got the Amped Wireless. I have a firepit in a clearing out back where I like to go sometimes and enjoy a little wine and pleasant company, or my Surface Pro if that's my only choice. It's about 150 yards from the house and downhill, so "line of sight" is dubious on a good day. I just got the Amped unit from Amazon, so tried it out tonight. I got mostly 5 bars, with occasional drop back to 4 -- plenty of signal to browse the web or check my email, or whatever.

As you said, it "works as advertised."

Take care,



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Yeah seems like after 8.1, the SP is easily overwhelmed by a nearby powerful signal.

I seem to recall reading something about power and wifi issues being 'known' in the Preview and confirmed as targeted for resolution before 8.1 drops live. Weather or not that's true is another story. But I do remember reading a statement by someone fairly high up at MS admitting to these issues.