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Surface pro feels 'electric' when charging!


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Hi people,

Quick question for surface pro owners. When I charge my surface pro, I can feel it through the entire device. I have read about people being lightly shocked when it is charging, but this is different. When I run my finger along the back of the case, it feels almost like it is vibrating. And no, the device is not physically vibrating.
Does anyone else have a similar experience with their surface pro?

no why do you ask??? elect.jpg
Are you Getting Electric Shock or just Static ??? because of some wiring in electrical outlets you might get small tingling sensation due to static electricity formation ..
It isn't shocks, but the stand seems to be vibrating somehow. Almost as if the stand was corroughted somehow.
Mine does it, and I have the tools/resources to find out why. But I never bothered. :LOL:

Really noticeable when you lightly pass the back of your hand over the back metal 'surface' of the Surface. I'm sure it is a small AC current flow.

When you notice it some time, try reversing the plug in the AC outlet to see if the effects it.
I suspect they have a static drain path through the AC that isn't balanced and it passes a tiny fraction of current.
My RT does it sometimes. Our building is ridiculously old, so I've always suspected it's the prehistoric wiring.