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Surface pro feels 'electric' when charging!



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I thought it may have been because of my US charger I use (with an Australian adapter). I read it seems to happen in some apple products as well because of the metallic cases. I'm concerned because this is a replaced surface pro as my first had a battery that failed in the first 2 weeks. In both pro's I have had, the same issue occurred. If anyone else has more details on the issue let me know please. Might contact microsoft too and see if there is official word on it.


Happens on my SP too.
Also happens with my Intocircuit 26000mAh battery.
I can feel the little ripples on the surface of the battery the same as the SP when they are charging.


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I thought those were the fans preventing from the device from getting too hot? Batteries get hot when charged, so there is fans running to keep it from overheating.


Do you get the same results when you charge it at a different receptacle, and/or different source (building).


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It happens to mine too; even when I plugged the SP to external monitor. Should I replace SP?

Well as said, a lot of people are experiencing this... and it doesn't seem to cause a problem, so I wouldn't really worry about it.

By the way I'm running an external monitor and it happens to me too.

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