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Surface Pro Gaming (Videos Inside)



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Do you mean my Screen resolution , or epsx window resolution?

On my video, ePsx windows res is 800x600,

My desktop resolution is 1920*1080, that's why I dont understand it dont show well when i set 1920*1080 in epsxe fullscreen mode.

Maybe sofware issue? Or a special config to do to run high resolutions like these?

About my epsxe settings : 2 days ago i've finished FF7 with these and everything ran well from start to the end :)


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I fixed my issues with epsxe by no longer using save states, as well as switching to other graphics settings (there's a video on youtube playing FF9 on SP explaining). I could post if needed by somebody else.

By the way, using Dolphin 3.5 also fixed my lag issues with Super Smash Bros. Brawl: almost perfect with 4 players! Obviously Melee runs even better.