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Solved Surface Pro going offline when left alone


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I have a question if I may. We recently purchased a couple of Surface Pro at our business, at 2 and a 3. They are both using docks. They are also on domains and are running 8.1. My question is this. When the user locks his computer and gets up to leave, after a few moments, the computer goes offline. I have tried setting the power settings so that it is using max performance and turning off sleep mode but it does it anyway. It happens after just a minute of them being gone. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
Okay so define "offline"- the screen simply shuts off? Or the thing actually goes to sleep, or hibernates, or shuts down?

I can no longer ping it or see it in our network map as being online. It is almost like the NIC goes to sleep. I tried checking the power properties on the NIC and couldn't find them. These are WIRED and not using a wireless connection as well.
And you say it's happening to both Surface Pro 2's AND Surface Pro 3's? The exact same behavior?
The SP3 is going into Connected Standby and this is by design, the SP2 is doing it because in the Device Manager the box is checked in Power Management by default that allows the computer to but the connection to sleep to save power.
May be CS. I didn't think so though because he specifically stated that they are plugged into power and he disabled sleep. Mine is set that way. If it's plugged in, and I leave it on and go to bed, it will still be on in the morning. I think his is doing... the opposite or something.

There may be some misunderstanding though about what exactly "disabled sleep mode" means.