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Surface Pro Headphone Jack???


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Howdy Everyone,

Does anyone know if the Surface Pro's headphone jack contains a mic input for a headset? I have an iRig device that I use(d) in my iPad and iPhone for connecting an electric guitar. There is now a Windows version of the program I was using (Rock Prodigy), and it requires a "mic in" or microphone to connect your guitar. I was thinking if the Surface Pro's headphone jack were also a headset jack, the iRig would work for it too? I would like to know before I pay the $30 for the program, does anyone know? Thanks!


Jay Slasher

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The Spec list doesn't reference the 3.5mm jack as being a line in. The Surface Pro has a built in mic and they may have assumed that was sufficient, anyone else wanting to use a dedicated mic would probably have to go USB.


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I dont know the specific function of your iRig device. But I have a Audio-Technica in-ear headphone with mic and iphone remote control on it. When I plug this headphone into the surface pro. The SP can identify the mic in the headphone.


The official specs from Microsoft's website say "Headset jack" which would lead me to believe that it is a combo port. Unfortunately I do not have mine in front of me to confirm that right now.


I am almost certain that it has a mic input.

I use my Surface for Lync conference calls and the sound level of my voice gets much lower when I connect my headphones with inline mic.

I normally use a USB based headset but I was recently stuck at an office without WiFi so I had to use my USB port for the Ethernet adapter. It worked great when I was in speakerphone mode but when I plugged in my headphones w/mic everyone complained that they couldn't hear me very well. The headphones work fine on my phone...


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Again, here is where the Dell S2340T comes in handy. Its got both the Earphone and the Microphone in 3.5mm Jack on the left front base edge.

Dell S2340T Headset Mic Jacks.JPG


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the feedback (thus far :) ). Incidentally, I had to pull out my Touch Cover to reply to this today. For some reason the on-screen keyboard would not stay on the screen. It would slide-up, and then slide right back down :( . Machistmo, is the Dell S2340T a monitor or some kind of dock? I actually would rather a combined port, that way the iRig would work :) . If a phone headset works with both the microphone and the speakers in a headset for Skype, that is a pretty good indicator that it is a headset jack vices just a headphone jack. If I can figure out a way to test out the iRig prior to buying the software, I'll post back here with an update. Thanks again everyone!

Rich S.