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Surface Pro into deep sleep?


This as happened 5 times now. Have a Surface Pro Ver 1 connected to a 7 way USB 3 externally powered distribution hub.
If I put the Surface Pro into Sleep, Shutdown or Hibernate overnight with the 7 way usb hub externally powered it only starts with Volume up and Power On over 10 seconds?
Also it does not update time and date it thinks its never shutdown.
If I depower the 7 way hub then shutdown the Surface Pro it restarts OK. Just press Power On.
The 5 volt external supply via the USB is effecting the Surface?
Anyone had similar problems?


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No, I never experienced such issues with my SP1 connected to a USB hub.

When you state that it does not update the date/time, you mean that after power on it still has the same date/time at which it was powered off?


yes same date time as last time on.
This only happens when usb hub is on external 5v supply.
When powered only thru Surface everything powers down and back on as normal.