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Surface Pro keeps draining power

Vance L

New Member
New user here.
I bought the Surface Pro 1 128GB (brand new) in July after a Staples fire sale.
Updated it to 8.1 a few weeks later.
My issue is the Surface Pro drains power even when fully shut down (via the charms > Power > Turn off). I don't know what's going on or if I have a defective unit. It doesn't seem to matter if I just flip the cover and put it in standby or do a full shutdown. It looks fine (screen doesn't turn on when I touch the Windows icon in the front). But I try to turn it on after the weekend and no charge left. It's not like my battery has no life in it since I can use the SP1 for a few hours without being tethered.
Any recommendations appreciated.

Oh and this doesn't happen to the Surface Pro 2 at work. Standby lasts forever and a full shutdown means fully shut down.