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Surface Pro - 0% battery


Anyone happen to pull this stunt? I was using my SP1 on battery this weekend, just to run it down and cycle it. Try to do it occasionally, and I fell asleep. Woke up and assumed I had shut it down, because the screen was black, and type cover didn't light when I passed my hand over it. Went to bed. Tried to turn on next morning, type cover would flash, then go dark, SP1 wouldn't come on.
I plugged the power in for my docking port, power light came on, pressed on button, SP1 started up, and when I looked at the battery level on desktop notification, it said battery at 0%!!!!
I thought it would turn off at 5%, as I have disabled sleep, and hibernation, in the power settings. I have the auto shutdown at 5%. It has fully recharged, and seems okay. Do you think this could have reduced the lifespan of the battery?


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I don't think it will hurt it much if at all... maybe if you left it dead for a couple weeks but as someone said here by the time it matters you will probably have a different device anyway.