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Surface Pro keeps forgetting network drives; now can't map any.


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I have a NAS attached to my Surface and ever since day one, it almost always loses the mapping when I turn it off. I have gotten so used to manually re-mapping the drive every day when I turn the thing on that it has become ingrained in my muscle memory and I could do it blindfolded.

But not today. Now, in the place where I used to go to map network drives ("This PC"), I don't see any option to map a network drive.

Here's what I used to see:

win10 map network drive.png

But what I see now is this:

windows 10 map network drive.PNG

The FILE - COMPUTER - VIEW tabs at the top have been replaced with FILE - HOME - SHARE - VIEW, and everything seems to be ghosted-out. I tried right-clicking on DEVICES & DRIVES to see if 'map network drive might be an option in the pop-up menu, but no luck.

I feel like I might have had a stroke, and the thing I want is right there but I can't see it.

And if I ever get to the bottom of this, maybe one day I'll figure out why I have to manually map the same network drive every day.