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I have a 64gb surface pro and my pen work great on 99 percent of the screen but on the top left when the pen gets close to the screen the cursor slides away almost a whole centimeter. Also sometimes when I cold boot my surface, touch with a finger works fine but when I touch the pen to say the middle of the screen the cursor only shows up on the top left corner in a box about an inch big, even though the pen is touching the center. this happens about 1/25 of the time that I start it up.


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have you tried calibrating your pen? Type "calibrate" in search and choose settings on the side and you'll be able to calibrate your pen for better accuracy


Another thing to keep in mind is that you are running Win 8 or 8.1 beta. Win 8.1 Release version will be out about Oct 18 and will, I hope, fix a lot of internal errors in the o/s. I would also try a complete re install of the system. If all else fails, I would call Microsoft on the toll free number and even take the device in to my local MS store, if one is near to you. Good luck and it would be helpful to others if you posted the results of your attempts to make your device work properly.


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here is an attached picture of the problem, i tried calibrating a couple of times but it didn't do anything about the problem. its only a problem on the top left corner and only about a square 1/2 inch is effected but it happens to be were the back and forward buttons are in IE, so i commonly hit the wrong one. can some one hold your pen at an angle like your righting in the top left corner of there surface pro and see if the cursor slides away from their pen tip. in the attached picture my pen is fully touching the glass IMG_20130924_104305_026.jpg