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Issues with my pen and OneNote/Surface Pro


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I'm trying to take notes in OneNote 2013 with my Surface Pro using the stock pen it comes with but whenever I use freeform writing with the pen, it's like if there's a delay between recognizing when it's touching the screen and when it's not.

Because of that, I'm writing words like this: http://i.imgur.com/deCKRAO.png (should say Hello) where everything is connected. What is causing this and how do I fix it if it's even possible? I see youtube videos of people writing fine so I think it's a setting I might of messed with.

I posted this on reddit and they mention pressure sensitivity but I cannot seem to find any further information on it. Is there anyway to tell if it's a hardware issue or software?
hmm are directly on the OneNote app or using the handwriting panel ? do u have a screen/scratch guard installed ?

try re-calibrating your pen ..
I recalibrated using the 100pt calibration floating around the net. Also it's directly on the OneNote app. or any app in general. It's almost like the pen recognizes my input after I touch it instead of immediately. so when I pull away from the screen, it has that trailing line.

Also, no screen/scratch guards. I only have a type cover but that doesn't interfere with my screen when I'm writing.
Damn. Was hoping to avoid that. I'll just take it to a store and hope they can swap it then and there.
Have you tried another pen to see if the pen is faulty. I had an issue like this on my old note 10.1 and it was the pen. By the way any sammy not pen will work on the surface.