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Surface Pro Price Reduction


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Well can't say I didn't see this one coming. $799 for 64 gb SP? Pretty good deal.

The price reductions are working. My GF bought a Surface RT at the new price and never would have at the old price. She is a college professor and says that since the price reduction the RT is getting lots of buzz on campus.

She said my SP was too heavy and hot. :-(
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Ultra99, if you are %100 sure the Pro is for you then don't let me or anyone else stop you. Get out there and get it. If you are even %1 not sure, don't buy now. Nothing worse than an $800-$1000 buyers remorse tab. Be sure you check out some comparable touch Ultra Books too while you are there testing.


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Like anything with tech, the longer you wait the higher the chance of a "better" version being released.


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Ugh. I just bought a pro from my local ms store on Friday. Hopefully they will give me the lower price when I talk with them on Monday. Any advice?
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