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Surface pro screen brighness jumping around


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I've noticed my screen brightness changes with videos mostly. I've turned off all the settings that control brighness but its still there just not as bad. It seems like somthing to do with helping the screen get better contrast but its still annoying. Have you guys noticed this as well? I posted earlier about my surface going to mute on its own with the touch cover in another thred as well.But besides these two minor glitches I really like my surface, I love saying to my wife can your ipad do this....and it happens quite often.


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not sure what you can do. Did you turn off automatic screen brightness adjustment in pc settings? go to pc settings then go to the general section and you'll find it there


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Even iif you turn of the brightness adjustment, there'll alwys be an amount of adjustment by the screen to get you nice black levels/contrasts (as for watching movies).


I believe this is the automatic charging that is doing this, it will top off the battery to 100% and stop so it does not overcharge the battery. Then when the battery is at 99% is will begin charging again, that is what I noticed. during that time it will dim. test to see if it's only doing it at 100% battery with the power connecter attached.

It will keep brightning and dimming over and over again, seems like another fix might be needed.


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Just go into power settings and make the brightness the same for on battery and on charger. This is a standard feature of Windows to save battery by lowering brightness when on battery.

Desktop>Control>Panel>Power Options>Edit Plan Settings> adjust on battery brightness and plugged in brightness to the same level.

Also make sure the auto brightness is off as mentioned previously.


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Try charging with different outlets and see what happens. Yesterday I was plugged into a faulty outlet, and the screen brightness was jumping all over the place. I switched out lets and now its perfectly fine.

Secondly, often I keep my surface plugged in even at 100%. I don't experience any jump in brightness whatsoever. To my understanding, when the pro is fully charged, the battery will be bypassed and will run directly on AC power. BatteryCare - Proper laptop battery usage guide


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So this is not a bug, it's Intel's Display Power Saving Technology that dims the display based on brightness of dispalyed content. This feature is enabled by default when the laptop is on battery.

To disable it you need to install Intel's graphics media control panel and go to Power tab, select "on battery" and untick "Display Power Saving Technology".

I joined the forum just to say this, as I keep seeing news and threads saying it's a bug/problem.


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I installed the latest HD4000 INTEL drivers yesterday - I was wondering what that setting was for. Do you happen to know if the Power Plan profiles override that setting? On Battery, where this is an option on the Intel Display Options control panel, I don't notice a difference whether it is clicked or not.