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Surface Pro slow after BitLocker


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My Surface got kind of slow after applying and then unapplying BitLocker. I turned the feature on several months ago and didn't notice much of a performance difference other than a bit of lag upon waking from hibernation. However, about a month ago I decided to install Ubuntu on a 10 gig partition; I wasn't able to do so until disabling BitLocker. Ever since I turned it off, the hard drive access time has gone through the roof. It can take 10-15 seconds to wake up from hibernate and 5-10 seconds to display the contents of some folders (Downloads seems to be a particularly common culprit even though I only have ~15 small files there). I'd like to improve performance back to its original level; ordinarily I'd do a defrag but I'm not sure what my options are with an SSD; from what I've read the "optimize" feature is already enabled and runs periodically. What can I try to speed up the SSD?

I have bitlocker enabled and like you didn't see much of any type of slowdown. I haven't yet disabled it though so I couldn't say if it would exhibit the same behavior as you experienced. If I were you I would contact MS and see what they say. Probably they will want you to restore the tablet which would remove everything and be restored to like new. With SSDs I read recommendations of securely erasing the drive and then reinstalling the OS to restore performance, but haven't tried it yet on with any of the three systems that I have SSDs on.
Maybe try sfc /scannow from the elevated command prompt and see if something is corrupted.