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Surface Pro SSD just went from 1/2 full to 100% full instantly!

Thanks, found the issue.

I use qdipp for font smoothing in Windows (works great). For some reason it created a MASSIVE crash dump folder (>25GB). Deleted that and problem solved. Been using that for years and that never happened before.

Thanks Ruffles. I used WinDirStat years ago on another computer but lost it along the way. Just the other day I was thinking "didn't I used to have an app that showed file size?" Going to download it now, a must for small SSD.
Good you find the problem. But, try to explore first, shout later

Lol, thanks new guy, I wasn't sure exactly when and where I should post in here. I'll make sure I clear it with you first in the future.

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Agreed. Just tried it. WinDirStat is prettier, but SpaceSniffer has some more useful feature. On a small SSD it's nice to have both.