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Automatic Maintenance on Surface Pro

Shinjuku 108

New Member
Just bought a Surface Pro about 2 weeks ago.

In Windows 8 notification center I decided to let "Automatic Maintenance" run and its taking longer than I expected (hours now) in addition to running the Surface fans full blast. Since the Surface is brand new without anything on the SSD let alone installed programs I assumed that maintenance was not necessary or at least shouldn't take this long.

Does anyone else have this issue? How long and how often does it run maintenance? Should I disable it?

Thanks in advance
I would assume, that your Surface Pro is downloading and installing all updates for Windows 8. When I got my Surface Pro, I installed Office and some other apps on it. Then I startet Windows Update manuallly and it took rather a long time and multiple round trips until Windows Update told me that there were no additional updates available any more.
Good luck!
Thanks much for the reply!

All updates are installed at this point. I assume maybe the first run of auto maintenance takes awhile..
Updates did make my fans go mad. Then again, they never installed themselves without asking me first...

To be honest on all my previous computers I've turned automatic maintenance off and just run everything once a month manually, but I think the Surface Pro can handle it whilst I'm doing other things. I can't remember when it was timed to come on, is it on a Sunday afternoon as default lol? For me, that's pretty much perfect.

Does anyone know if your Surface is sleeping, will it still perform the maintenance? Or will it wait until you turn it back on...