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Solved Surface Pro type cover left click problem?


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My type cover for the SP3 appears to have a problem. Everything works fine except I seem to have to left-click twice for anything to happen. Eg clicking on a browser link, it won't open unless I click twice. I hear the physical click sound but nothing happens until I click again. I'm not sure if I've got a fault with the switch on the type cover or whether I've accidentally changed a setting somewhere as it seems strange that it works on the second click and this seems quite consistent! It's a bit annoying, though as I use the touchscreen most of the time I don't find it too bad! Do I need to send it back to Microsoft?
LOL after chatting to MS support who said they didn't think there was any software setting that would do this, I reinstalled the keyboard driver... no difference.

Then I checked the mouse and keyboard settings...

....Double tap and drag was switched on.... switched that off and it's OK now!! PHEW