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Surface Pro Type Cover Touchpad Issues for gaming


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Recently, I've tried to play several games on my Surface Pro 3 and I'm having issues with all of them because of the touchpad on the type cover. It's impossible to click and hold which almost all games require (right or left click + hold). Is there any sort of workaround or configuration change that someone can recommend?
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Logitech K400/K400+ or separate Keyboard & Mouse combo.
How much aggravation is worth $30.


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Gaming on a touchpad? :)

I've not had any problem with the holding click for RTS games, but I almost always have my mx anywhere at hand if I think I might do any gaming.

The other problem with the type cover for some games is the lack of keys. Or rather the fact that because of the size many keys use the Fn button. It's a PITA when you need quick access to both f10 and page up .

I just use a dedicated mouse and kb on the whole because it just makes it more enjoyable.