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Surface Pro 3 Type Cover touchpad small movement


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Apologies if this had already been discussed and I missed it in search.

If I put my finger on my Surface Pro 3 type cover and try and quickly move the mouse pointer just slightly, the pointer doesn't move at all. Larger movements respond immediately.

If I hold my finger on the touchpad for a slight amount of time and then move my finger just slightly, it seems more responsive.

I find myself quite frustrated with this but I see nobody else complaining. It would be great if my type cover is simply defective but I fear otherwise.



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make sure the touchpad is clean as I once had that trouble and it was because it was dirty... if it is clean and still doing that, then maybe there's something wrong with it...
Try going into "change pc settings" and turn the delay off. That's what worked for me. Also helped the two finger scroll tremendously.


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That's normal behaviour. You will need to move your finger ever so slightly before the track pad picks it up. Once it has, it will move with your finger 1:1 even with slight moves as long as you don't lift your finger. It's the same with long strokes, but you just don't notice it because by the time your finger has travelled across the track pad, the sensor has already picked it up.