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Surface Product Placement :)

Has anyone seen any product placement in TV shows for the new Tablets?

I was watching Rachel Ray the other day(not by choice lol....i couldn't find the remote and i was too lazy to change the channel manually through the box itself lol) and I saw the Surface 2/Pro?

I am not sure which it was but it was some good Product placement? It wasn't just sitting there.

The camera actually focused on it and Zoomed in and the guest chef was talking about it as he was preparing whatever random dish he was cooking.
Saying that is perfect for cooking in the kitchen. How Moms with busy kids who cause spills will appreciate that the keyboard is easy to handle with Spills

Showing off the Kickstand as well as showing off a few apps/multi-tasking for like grocery shopping lists and recipes. I had been falling asleep while watching it but my ears perked up a bit and eyes opened when I saw the surface. I thought it was a great way to show off the tablet to MOMS and those who are really big on cooking and what not.

Just wanted to share :D


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Several Surface Tablets appeared this evening on a show called Under The Dome on CBS. As luck would have it the characters on the show all lost their WiFi at the same time. It was part of the plot. ;)


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Episode 1 of Extant, the robot-boy was being introduced to a press conference, one of the press was using a Surface Pro, the actor had a few lines, the Surface Pro was visible twice -- though if I didn't have one myself, it wasn't obvious. It was more like they couldn't use an iPad, because it was the future -- so use that other tablet, no one will know what it is.