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Surface Pro addiction


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I found this on reddit lol

I considered myself to be a hardcore computer user, as I was at least on my desktop 7+ hours a day.
Oh boy was I wrong. Ever since I bought my Surface Pro, it has literally become my left arm. It has not left my side, and the longest I go without using it is during sleepy time.
No work today? Sweet I'll just browse the net on my Pro in my bed. Gotta take a dump? Taking the Pro with me upstairs. Cooking food? Take it with me to the kitchen. At work and downtime? SURFACE TIME. Want to watch TV? fuck it im too lazy, ill just watch Netflix in bed.
I have been using this thing so much that I have been neglecting my beautiful gaming desktop that I have always treated like my child. My Galaxy Nexus has 70% charge at the end of the day, because I rarely use it now, only for texting, phone calls and GPS.
I have considered returning it because I just neglect all my other expensive technologies because of it. I have never bought a product and thought of wanting to return it because I use it too much. But come Fall, I'm going back to school and I can't believe that I will probably be using the surface pro even more than right now.
Help me

the surface pro has ruined me : Surface

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I love my Surface Pro so much I had to give up my sexy parties with bikini models. No, not really.
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