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Surface Reservation Pass


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I went to my local Microsoft store and asked for a reservation pass to make sure they had a Surface Pro for me on February 9th, 2013. To be honest, I think they will have plenty in stock but just in case I got one. It was pretty painless, the Microsoft reps where more worried about working on that day then giving me my pass. I will try and attach a picture of the reservation pass but being this is my first post, I might mess it up.


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Here is the picture. Sorry for the quality my iPad's camera is not very good.

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I really wonder how busy the store will be. I missed the RT release day here but on Black Friday the line had about 250 people in it when the store opened. Of course all were not in line to purchase a RT....


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Got two 128 cards but I don't expect supply or demand to be an issue.
I agree but it doesn't hurt to get the reservation pass just in case. The employees that worked in the Microsoft store near me did not seem to worried. In fact, I told them that I wanted to reserve the 128gb Surface Pro and they told me not to worry that they will have plenty and that I didn't have to specify which one I wanted.

I wonder if the number given on the reservation pass matters or it is just for them to know how many they have given out.


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When the RT was sold the Orlando M$ store said they had plenty left over from the first day.
I hope it is the same for the Pro.
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