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VGA Adapter Troubleshooting - Surface RT


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I first purchased a non-OEM adapter. Due to the configuration of the micro-HDMI it would not plug in. I then purchased the official adapter from the Microsoft Store.

When I attempt to connect to a display through this adapter, the Surface sits and cycles.............connecting....disconnecting....connecting....disconnecting. I have tried the following:

Setting display to duplicate
Setting display to monitor only
Setting display to extended

Having monitor on before plugged in
Having monitor off before plugging in

The cycling starts as soon as the RT recognizes that there is an external monitor. I first thought it might be the fact that I am attempting to display on a 55" Samsung. I then tried a 19" Sony. Both times I had the same cycling issue.

I went out and purchased the micro-hdmi to hdmi cable and it works fine.

I am needing to connect to a VGA projector at the classroom where I teach, it has no hdmi connection, therefore the need for the VGA adapter



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Have you applied all of the Updates? Are you running the 8.1 Update? Have you tried a different VGA Cable? I used the same adapter on my RT and worked as expected. If you try a different cable and it exhibits the same behavior I would do a reset and attempt again...