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Surface RT and AMB Labs USB DAC


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I built a couple of headphone amps and USB DAC from AMB Laboratories AMB Laboratories DIY Audio Site in the past and I'm glad the USB DAC works with the Surface. I can now use the Surface to play my high-bit rate audio files through DAC, or DAC + NAIM Headphone amp, or DAC to my main audio system built on NAIM integrated amplifier and high-efficiency speakers.



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Nice - I've considered a project like this a few times. I use a FiiO DAC/Amp on my desktop at work - I should try that on the Surface and see if it works...


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It works. Plugged in the FiiO E7 DAC/AMP, Windows picked it up and knew exactly what to do with it. I need to do some comparisons to see how much improvement I'm getting - the DAC in the Surface isn't too shabby.


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Yeah, I had the same experience with my Burson HD160DS - pleased to see the RT picked it up immediately. That's when I was smitten and the iPad went into the drawer.


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Nice! I've been thinking about upgrading to a nicer DAC, but I'm pretty happy at this point with the quality I'm getting with the FiiO (its tucked behind the stand in the pic).


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Just for the fun of it - took the USB output and hooked the Surface Pro into my Audio-gd Compass Headphone Amp....and yes, the Surface audio drivers recognized the DAC right away. And, using my Denon ADH-7000 headphones?


Subwoofer-depth bass, sweeping, balanced mids and highs...perfect.

Thanks for this thread. I wouldn't have tried it otherwise.
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