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Surface RT and Splashtop


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I'm new to the Surface RT which was purchased at my job.

I have tried downloading Splashtop to remote into the tablet to provide technical help, should we decide to purchase them for our staff in the field.

However, the free version is not allowing me to download the streamer.

Any suggestions? Is there something else out there that is better? Is it because it is the Surface RT?


The streamer is only available with pc and not on a client like Surface. Use the Splashtop app to remote into the pc that's using Splashtop Streamer.

You can also use the native Remote Desktop app to remote into your pc too. Just make sure you allow your pc to remote into it in the system settings for remote.

I've never tried to remote into a Surface though.
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While I have the Surface Pro, I would think you could remote in with the Remote Desktop client from MS.

On your RT/2 do a search for allow remote access and tell it to allow for it. That assumes the option is there. You'll need to know the IP of the Surface.
Thanks for the info. I was able to remote into my PC from the Surface. However I will need to remote into the Surface from my PC and this is what I am having trouble with.
The RT does not support being a Remote Host, you can provide Remote Assistance to an RT but it doesn't support acting as a Remote Host for RDP, File and Print Sharing, etc..
@jnjroach...thanks. This is what I needed to know. I was considering using Splash Top. Do you have any recommendations?

All of the Streaming Servers (Splashtop, TeamViewer, etc.) currently out are x86 programs. If you must remote into the RT your only option if Remote Assistance.
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