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Surface RT Locks up when booted and is unsable


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I have a Surface RT and ever since I applied some updates (apps) it has locked up tight and can not access anything on it (from the "metro style" UI). If I reboot it as soon as I login it locks up again and is unusable. I can get to the desktop but that does not let me uninstall any apps (which are probably the issue). If I try to reset it asked for BitLocker that I do not have and I did not set. It points me to a website to retrieve the key but the site has NO option to retrieve a bit locker key for my Surface. Is there any ay to reset the Surface without the key? I am not paying 300.00 to call Microsoft, that would be insane considering the cost of the RT and I would essentially be paying for it twice.


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The Surface is encrypted with BitLocker, which is why you need the recovery key for your device to reset it. Think of it as theft deterrent. As for the key, you go to http://windows.microsoft.com/recoverykey for a trusted PC. You have to have that PC trusted on your Windows Live account and be logged in. You will then be directed to a page that will list the recovery keys associated with that account. Hope this helps.