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Surface RT podcaster thoughts. What are you using?


Count me among those who were stunned how limited Xbox music was/is for handling podcasts. I got over it and tried a few apps, finally settling on PushPod which I loved and paid for. It has its shortcomings but they were responsive and made a slick app that showed evolutionary improvement. Well, I noticed today that it has disappeared from the app store. So my question is, what are you all using to handle podcasts or as your podcaster? I really thought that Xbox music would be updated with a native podcaster that would share across the WP8/W8 ecosystem. However, we now know that the update did not touch podcasts. I would die for our old Zune software. So robust and efficient. I need a new podcaster. Any thoughts? What are you all using?
Still use PushPod.

I still love PushPod. My concern is that now that it is not in the App store when I have to reload it, it will not be there. I periodically have to reload it when the podcasts start 'back spacing' out. If I get the serious error and then notice backspace on all of my podcasts, it simply remove the app and then reload it and all is fine. It even reloads the podcasts I had subscribed to. PushPod was not perfect, but it was the best I had found. The only thing that really irked me was its desire to want to connect to the cloud when you were using the Surface offline. I travel quite a bit so this irked me.
Podcast Bandit is capable of saving Podcasts to your library (and playing it offline). Don't know about Podcasts! because i've done a full re-install of WinRT today and had no time to install all the apps.