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Can't get Xbox Music on RT to see all my songs


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I am really trying to like Xbox music but about to give up. With the latest update I thought I would give it a go, but for some reason, it won't see one of my custom albums which are tracks I use to perform(guitar)I have turned off all cloud storage. It was originally in my library but with incomplete metadata so I went ahead and changed all the data, including song Artist, album artist and album. That album will not show up now. The old album metadata showed up originally with dead links, so I deleted them, but it keeps reappearing, as dead links.

I tried reinstalling the Xbox music app to force a reindex of the library but the old metadata came back with dead links.

Is there a way to manually force it to update the library with new data?

By the way, it shows up fine in multimedia8.

I see a few apps are appearing as windows media players in the store. Maybe I will have to go with one of them.

Anyone else have issues getting xbox music to see all your music?