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Surface RT Warranty USA->Europe


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Currently i am staying for a few months in amerika and i want to buy myself a Surface RT soon but i am unsure about the warranty.
What happens if i go back to my home country (Netherlands) and something is broke and i need to use my warranty. Could i just contact the Dutch Microsoft, or do i need to contact the american one (because i bought it in america).

And are there going to be more colors of the Touch Covers?


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Hi remcov250 I live in Spain. My advice is that you buy the surface from the German MS Store. By Law, the warranty covers across European Commnuty countries. I bought the tablet at MS German Web Store and they send it to you at no extra cost.


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I got mine in the US (I'm living in France right now). Not sure about the warranty here in the EU, but if you want to save your € it's a good plan. I got a 32GB + Type cover + 64GB SD card for 10% less than the France 32GB + Touch cover retail price. Another bonus for me was to get the Type cover in QWERTY US keyboard format (the French use AZERTY).

Handy tip: Looking for special characters like the Euro (€) symbol? Just draw it using the Surface character recognition keyboard!

Edit: After a bit more playing it seems that the character recognition keyboard only lets you draw characters available via the current on screen keyboard character set. I couldn't find a way to simply draw an arrow symbol for example. Of course all the major currency symbols are available on the standard on screen keyboard but I like being able to quickly draw characters that are not present on my Type keyboard. I would still need to change the language if I wanted French special characters though...

(sorry for getting a bit off-topic here)
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You can add languages that includes currency symbols.
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