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Buying a Surface RT & Warranty


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I'm thinking about buying surface RT from Germany, and I live in Sweden and surface is yet to be released here.
My biggest doubt is the warranty. Do Microsoft offer a world wide warranty for surface rt or is it by country specific? And a question to all of you who already bought surface rt, are you satesfied with the size of the display?

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re: Buying a Surface RT & Warranty

I bought my RT from Australia last October. When I registered it, warranty is up to 2014.

I'm pleased with the display, perfect for my needs.
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I am happy with the display. When I'm using it, I sometimes wish it was bigger. When I'm carrying it, I sometimes wish it was smaller ;)

coming from an iPad, at first the 16:9 ratio felt awkward, especially in portrait mode, but I've grown to really like it.
I don't know about the warranty, but I previously used an iPad and am totally happy with the Surface display. just my two cents.


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The Surface widescreen form factor is unique and I love it. I'm not sure if there are other tablets with the same screen size.


Bought my Surface in the US in November and added warranty to it in Canada in December. No issues with screen size.


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Top notch hardware, including the display, even though it isn't "retina". The Surface is the only Win8 RT tablet I've seen so far with a 10.6" screen, and that extra 1/2 inch does make a difference (I have a 10.1 inch netbook to compare it to).
I too went for the extended warranty.


I went for the warranty also. I usually do not buy extended warranties but I travel a lot and really liked the self inflected damage coverage.


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So extended warranty = 2 Years?
The thing is, there are no Windows stores here in sweden. And I read somewhere that my best option would be ordering it from Germany(Surface.de)(we have the same kind of Power outlets).
And I get the impression that there seem to be some issues with (some users) Surface RT's. So my biggest worry would be getting a defective unit, and be stuck with it :/