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Surface single most popular Windows 8 device


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Microsoft's Surface RT tablet is the most popular single Windows 8/RT device, according to ad-based statistics.

"Surface is already the most popular single device running Windows 8/RT with 11 percent of the overall 'market,'" according to AdDuplex, a Windows ad-serving business.

While hard numbers for Microsoft's tablet are still a mystery, analysts have indicated that sales at Microsoft stores were relatively strong, at least initially.

And online, the $499 model was sold out for about a week.

Earlier this week, however, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer seemed to temper sales expectations when he said that Microsoft's strategy for sales has been "modest," which referred to the limited sales channel for the device. Surface is only sold at a few dozen Microsoft stores and on Microsoft's online store.

Looking at other devices, the Hewlett-Packard Pavilion g6 laptop was a distant second with 2 percent, though other HP laptop models showed up in the data, giving it a total of about five percent of the models that registered on the chart, according to the AdDuplex's numbers.

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I believe it. MS is really the only one that has fully thrown their device out their front and center as a Windows 8/RT devices. As has been noted in other articles Windows sales are slower in general than anticipated and much of that is because the PC makers aren't stepping up with devices. Everything else out besides the Surface just seems to be treated as a prototype or possible Windows 8 device that is in the works but not sitting out on store shelves or being advertised as for sale. I really hope the OEMs step-up their game with Windows devices because as great as the Surface might be MS is not Apple and the Surface shouldn't be the only great device you can get that runs Windows 8/RT. We need more Yogas, ATIVs and whatever else to hit the market and spur some healthy hardware competition.
Couldn't agree more. The Surface is the "halo device" for Win8/RT, but won't succeed if the OEMs are still thinking along the lines of building mediocre hardware and making profits by slashing costs (and therefore quality) and competing in, "the race to the bottom."

One would think the OEMs would have taken Microsoft's challenge to ratchet up their game. Let's hope the delays are due to the OEMs producing some really great hardware, and wanting to ensure outstanding build quality. Can't bring anything less than your A - game to market these days if you're seeking customer loyalty.

Guess we'll have our answer in early 2013.
Unfortunately I think the OEMs are doing the opposite, I was at the MS Store last night and I stopped to play with both Samsung Offerings, the i5 Ativ 700t and Atom based Ativ 500t, both while thin and relatively light, felt cheap and plasticy and both were very expensive. The ASUS RT also feels of less quality than the Surface. Disappointed in what the OEMs are releasing thus far...